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10 to 12 People Small Balloon 60 minutes / Morning 1st Flight

Indoor Breakfast Transfer-Champagne-Certificate
The Standard Balloon Tour offers a minimum one-hour flight time in the air. You will be collected from your hotel early in the morning, usually before sunrise and driven to the take-off site.While you are having a light breakfast, you will watch the inflation of the balloon then get a passenger briefing which explains basic rules & safety measures for the balloon flight. Then it's time to climb into the basket and highlight of your Turkey trip begins! The take off is gentle – soon you'll be taking hundreds of pictures over the valleys of Cappadocia. After the flight lands, there is a small celebration with champagne and you will receive your flight certificate. You will be driven back to your hotel around 08:30am just in time for breakfast.

Cash: 160 €  -  Credit Card: 170 €

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do we fly ?

We change our take-off site everyday according to wind speed and direction. So, we can show you the most charming valleys and hills of Cappadocia.

What should I wear ?

You should wear long trousers and tops with long sleeves, preferably made from natural fibres and suitable footwear for an outdoor oursuit. Having layers is a good idea as it is cold at the beginning and warmer later.

How high up do we go ?

Even though we will be flying very low for a while and pick fruits from the trees sometimes, we always go up-to 500 meters from the ground. When the wind is calm, we go higher than 1.000 meters.

Can children fly ?

Children not younger than 7 years old can fly with a responsible adult. They will have 50% discount up-to 12 years old. However, we are unable to fly children under 7 years.

Can I fly any time of the year ?

Yes, we fly 12 months. However, from October to March, there will be more cancelations due to weather conditions.

When do you cancel the flight ?

When the ground wind is faster than 10 knots, during heavy rain or fog, the flight will be canceled. You will receive a full refund if we have to cancel your flight.

How far do we travel ?

It can be between 4 to 20 km depending on the speed of the wind on the flight day.

Can pregnant women fly ?

No. If you are pregnant or think that you might be pregnant, you shouldn’t fly with ballons due to possible bumpy landings

Is the landing bumpy ?

Occassionally. We usually land very calmly but if the wind increases on landing there will be a bump and the basket will drag on the landing field until it comes to a halt.

When do we meet for the flight ?

We will pick you up from your hotel about 45 minutes before sunrise and drive to our office for check-in and breakfast.

Do we see sunrise from the balloon ?

We usually take-off with the sunrise and fly during the Golden Hour for photography. Sometimes, we might have to take-off later due to weather conditions.

Why do you fly so early in the morning ?

The wind is not very fast, there are no thermals yet and it is not too hot.

How do I go back to my hotel ?

Our minibuses will be following the balloon during the flight and will drive you back to your hotels after the landing party.

How big are the baskets ?

We use Cameron TT baskests with different sizes. They have 4 compartements for the passengers. There will be maximum 4 people (3 people on Beyond Flight) in your compartment. The height of the baskets are 120cm.

Where are your balloons made ?

All our balloons are made in England by Cameron Balloons in year 2010 and 2011.

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